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Tips For Buying Your First Car

After months of driving lessons (or years for some), practising in your parent’s old banger, and having to fork out every time you lost an L plate, you’ve finally passed your driving test. So, the question is: now what?

As a used car dealer, we have built our business on trust, and we want to give our customers as much help and guidance as possible. So, if you’re currently on the lookout for your first car, we have all the tips that you need.

Plan ahead and have a set budget  

When you’re planning to buy your first car, it is wise to set a specific budget with how much you can afford. You need to remember that it will not just be the car that you’ll be paying for. There is road tax and insurance to consider too! Did you know, in 2017, the cheapest annual premium for a 17-year-old driver was £2209?

However, with some insurance companies, there is a compulsory telematics policy, known as a black box policy. The rules of these are simple: stick to the speed limit, drive smoothly and your premium renewal should decrease. Some of these policies include night or mileage limits, or both! But these only tend to last for the first year of your policy, and it will be a small price to pay!

Buy a used car

In the first year of it being on the road, the value of a car decreases by 40% from when you first bought it. This is compared to a loss of 60% after three years. This means that the older the car, the cheaper it should be when you buy it from a used car dealer, like us! For more information about the value of cheap cars, take a look at our ‘Why You Should Buy a Used Car, Rather Than Buying New’ blog!

Auto Trader has compiled a definitive list of what they consider the top five best cars are for new drivers. These include both the Ford Fiesta and the Mini Cooper, both of which we currently have in stock at our Warrington branch!

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Most first-time buyers will make the honest mistake of heading straight to the big car showrooms.  But we don’t think we have to tell you that this is a bad idea! As prices go, the chances are that you won’t be able to afford what they are selling.

You’ll probably feel more comfortable buying a second-hand vehicle if you’re a new driver, as there are probably scratches or bumps on it already, so don’t worry about damaging a brand new shiny car!

As we specialise in used cars, we will have something that will suit your budget. We also offer FREE 15 months warranty, FREE 15 month breakdown cover. We also have car finance available with packages to try and cater for all circumstances. Come in and speak to us at our Warrington or St Helens showrooms and we will help you!

If you need any inspiration about which of our used cars is best for you, take a look at our inventory on our website!