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Why You Should Buy A Used Car, Rather Than Buying New

When it comes to buying a car, it’s difficult to know what the best route is to go down. People assure you that used cars are unreliable and broken, but as a used car dealer, we’re passionate about giving pre-loved cars a new lease of life and promise you that the positives of an old car outweigh the negatives.

Used Cars Are Cheap

This is an obvious one. Because you’re not buying a brand-new car with a shiny new paint job and zero miles, the price is automatically lower.

Our used cars all come with lengthy warranties and roadside assistance, as well as being HPI checked and serviced, before you drive it away. So you can be confident that you will be buying a car that will last.

Not only will the model be significantly cheaper, but the insurance will be too! That way, you can spend any leftover money you have on other things, like that jacket you really want…



     New Cars Depreciate, Used Cars Don’t

Most new cars lose their overall value by 40% in its first year on the road.

With a used car, there is NO depreciation the moment you drive it off the forecourt. Your car will hold its value, so you can sell it on in the future or part exchange with us for a different used car. There is also less metal depreciation as it’s already likely to have a few bumps and scratches left from previous drivers. So, no need to worry about your first parking scratch or a dent from a careless fellow driver…

More Choice When Buying a Used Car

Visit our Warrington and St. Helens showrooms, and you’ll see that we have a wide selection of cars from Range Rovers, to Fiat 500s. This is probably the single best argument for buying a used car.

If you’re not sure which used car to go for, you can come and talk to us, and browse our second-hand car selection. Alternatively, if you’ve had your eye on a particularly model that’s been out for many years let us know and we can find one for you! We spoke to a recent used-car buyer and this is what she had to say about her experience buying a pre-loved vehicle:

“After passing my driving test in late 2016, I was on the lookout for a cheap car in a certain model and colour. After shopping round for a while, I eventually found a car that I had my eyes on for a while at an affordable price and was available to take home within a week! I much more preferred looking through used car dealerships rather than browsing new vehicles, and I would encourage all drivers, whether you’re new or old to consider buying a pre-owned car!”

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