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Warrington to Buckingham Palace

Charity Work On 1st July, Mr TG Autos himself is cycling from Warrington to Buckingham Palace along with his friend Guy, to raise money for Aintree Hospital Major Trauma Unit. Have we also mentioned that they will be doing this in just ONE day? The Warrington pair aim to complete the 200 mile trip in … Continued

Oldies, but Goodies from TG Autos

Benefits of Used, Older Cars With big car dealerships offering scrappage incentives and finance schemes, you will usually find that there are more new cars on the road and less older cars. But as previously mentioned in our Why You Should Buy a Used Car blog, new cars are not always the best option. As we … Continued

Spring Car Care Tips from TG Autos

Looking After Your Car Cars don’t like the cold winter weather just as much as we don’t. Now the warmer weather is on the way it is a good idea to check your vehicle for signs of wear and tear and then we can all start to enjoy the sunshine! We all like a good … Continued

Myths about Buying Used Cars – And Why They are Wrong!

Myths about Buying Used Cars – And why they are wrong! As we mentioned in our Buying A Used Car, Rather than Buying New blog, there are many positive reasons for buying a second-hand car rather than choosing a pricey new model. But people tell you all kinds of things that make you think that … Continued

Tips For Buying Your First Car

After months of driving lessons (or years for some), practising in your parent’s old banger, and having to fork out every time you lost an L plate, you’ve finally passed your driving test. So, the question is: now what? As a used car dealer, we have built our business on trust, and we want to … Continued

Why You Should Buy A Used Car, Rather Than Buying New

When it comes to buying a car, it’s difficult to know what the best route is to go down. People assure you that used cars are unreliable and broken, but as a used car dealer, we’re passionate about giving pre-loved cars a new lease of life and promise you that the positives of an old car … Continued

A Second Hand Car For Christmas

on the first day of christmas, my true love gave to me… a used car from tg! Lots of people have new cars on their Christmas wish list. Perhaps more in hope than expectation, but nevertheless a desired Christmas present. We have used cars for all budgets on our Warrington and St. Helens sites. If you … Continued

How To Look After Your Second Hand Car

How To Keep Your Second Hand Car At Its Best Here at TG Autos keeping our customers happy is absolutely paramount. We are especially proud of the aftercare we provide to all our customers which is why we want to give you our top tips for keeping your second hand car in top shape: Keep … Continued

Car Finance From TG Autos

TG Autos uses car finance specialists who are experts in providing credit to individuals who may not be able to get credit using the usual channels. Low Credit Rating? TG Autos can provide car finance to a vast range of people read our latest blog here for more details:

Top Tips For Buying A Second Hand Car

Whether it’s a new car or a used car- buying a car can be a stressful experience but it doesn’t have to be if you’re in the know! We insist on the highest standards for our customers, with honest advice in regard to your next car purchase. Here are TG Autos’ top tips for buying … Continued